Proxy rotations

Completely customize your proxy rotations based on your own needs.

Note: There is a 10-20 second downtime on your proxy once you send the proxy reset request. This applies to all rotation methods.

System limit: You can rotate the proxy only once in 60 second.

The way our rotate our proxies is we temporarily disconnect the device from the internet and then connect it back. This gives us a brand new IP from the IP pool of that location.

Experiment: You can try doing the same thing on your mobile phone - check the IP on, turn on Airplane Mode for 5 seconds and turn it off. You should see a brand new IP on

There are multiple ways our customers can rotate the proxies.

Button rotation

The most simple one is just clicking a button on Dashboard "Profile" tab. This will send the request to rotate and you will see a notification with the result.

Rotation interval

You can set a rotation interval and your proxy will automatically be rotated by our system.

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